What is your un-word?

What do you need to free yourself from or what value do you most embody?


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Ask Amy- How do I Love Myself?

I am having a hard time loving and accepting myself. Where do I begin?   Hey there,   Firstly I want to say you are so not alone in this. In fact…

Ask Amy – What should I invest in?

What is the most important investment I should be making right now? Honestly there is not a one size fits all answer here because it really depends on so many personal factors…

#1 Hurdle For Biz Success

Stop Sabotaging Your Business By Letting Go of This… What is this number one thing that you need to let go of to see more success in your business? Well, basically you…

Ask Amy – Expectations

What do I do if my expectation for where I should be in my life does not reflect my reality? Simple answer: adjust your expectations! Now let’s break it down in more…

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