What does it mean to be a ‘Mover + Shaker’?

TThere is a shift happening around the world, some are calling it an awakening and others can’t quite put their feelings and the change in energy into words. However,  we are all in agreement that things are changing.

For many of us there is a new level of self awareness and consciousness arising and we no longer want to follow the status quo. We are asking more questions, listening to our intuition and standing up for what we believe in, regardless of if it goes against what is seen as socially acceptable.

In fact, we are redefining what socially acceptable even means anymore.

It is an exciting time to be alive and even more so to be a part of something bigger for our future.

Every opportunity we take to open our hearts a little more, step through our fears and take a leap of faith, believing and trusting in our own intuition, is another chance to align with our truest self. If you are opening your heart to more possibility, if you are working hard towards your dream, if you are kind to others and focused on nurturing community, if you are passionate about elevating humanity and protecting our planet, you are a mover and shaker.

Through us being brave enough to shine our light out into the world, others are able to shine theirs too.

You may feel a sense of nervous energy, disruptive vibes and even face some uncertainty but you will always have an underlying knowing that you were meant for more and that there is a higher force behind you, leading you to walk this path.

Creating an ethical world and striving towards social justice are areas that ignite a fire within.

Movers and shakers experience similar highs and similar lows. Some nights you can’t sleep because your dreams are calling to you so loudly. All the challenges, obstacles and blocks you face, become a part of what motivates you to search for more. Being a mover and shaker doesn’t mean you’ve got it all together or are some kind of ‘perfect’, it simply means that you are awakened to the possibilities around you.

Where some see pain and suffering, you see a chance for kindness and gratitude.

Craving connection and freedom can feel like a pretty big task but as a mover and shaker you know that it starts with one small action by each of us, repeated time and time again. Starting where you are, with what you have is the key to sustained change.

Maybe you’re not even sure what it is you want to change or how you will do it, but that inner knowing is leading the way and soon it will all make sense.

Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as a mover and shaker, but reading this has illuminated a part of you that is waiting to flourish.

Or maybe you’ve actually thought of yourself as someone who is simply here to live your life, until you’re personally affected by an event, story or moment that sets the wheels in motion for you. Realising that you are, in fact, able to give more meaning to your life and those around you triggers the mover and shaker within.

I actually believe we all have a mover and shaker within us and the ability to change the course of humanity and impact the entire world, it is simply whether we choose to listen or not.

So I ask you, are you listening?

Amy Mackenzie

Amy is a coach, mentor and personal cheerleader for conscious and creative women on a purpose-filled mission. Using a blend of soul, intuitive guidance, street smarts, strategy and coaching to help unleash the extraordinary woman within. Amy has a unique way of being able to really see 'her', the woman behind the biz and loves supporting her clients to tap into what they truly want, move through what's holding them back and build a beautiful business in the process. Amy works with big hearted women who are called to live a life of more meaning, to leave a legacy and pave the way for others through the work that they do but gets tripped up by her own mind. Fears of being seen, confidently sharing her message and of not being enough, keep her playing small but she is ready to let the woman within lead the way and shine so brightly both in life and business. You can get your free dose of inspiration over on Instagram @designingherlife or take the next step towards unleashing the extraordinary woman within you, by booking a free heart to heart consult on her website.

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