Why I’m Grateful for My Corporate Job While Building My Business

Why I'm Grateful for My Corporate Job While Building My Business

I’ve been working in the corporate sector for over 15 years now.  And in the beginning, I thought this was going to be my routine until I retired.  I didn’t even question it.  But slowly over time, I started to feel this fire inside me.  A burning desire to become something more and have a greater impact on the world.   When I could no longer keep this fire at bay, I opened up and started to explore it.  I found out that there was a life outside my norm that was waiting for me.  I became obsessed with spiritual and personal development entrepreneurship.  Online coaching, speaking events and blogging just to name a few.  These platforms were finally going to be able to give me the opportunity to inspire and impact others – to fulfill that burning desire.  And so my journey to start my own life coaching business began.

If you can relate to this at all, you can appreciate how anxious and excited I was to start building this business and putting all my attention towards my newfound purpose.  To jump in with both feet and let my drive and passion propel me forward. But I did not do this.   I have stayed the course and managed to juggle both.  Despite the overwhelming excitement to launch my business to new levels, I’ve come to realize just how grateful I am to have my corporate job as I build my empire – one block at a time.

Here are a few reasons why:

The financial stability takes the pressure off.

Quite simply, I’ve got bills to pay and commitments to keep. (as we all do) I’ve dreamed of waking up and spending my days completely immersed in my coaching program, but when you are a budding entrepreneur, so is your bank account.  You don’t just magically get paying clients overnight once you make the decision to live your dreams.  And while I wholeheartedly believe that the Universe will deliver what you need when you are aligned with your purpose, it’s got its own timeline.  And that’s not always in line with “the end of the month”.  Having a stable corporate job removes the anxiety of when and how I am going to pay my bills.  Especially in the beginning stages where the learning curve is steep and start-up costs can add up.   Honestly, it freed up space for me (that would have been filled with worry) to focus on the creative aspects and marketing strategies that will eventually start bringing in consistent money.

Time expands when you chase your soul’s desires.

Yup.  It’s true.  Time literally expands when you are moving in the direction of your dreams.  This is wonderful news when you have the commitment of a full time job!  I truly believe in the saying “if you want something done, ask a busy person”.  My scheduling, my goal setting and completing tasks would not have been accomplished with the same amount of vigor had I quit my corporate job and had all my time to focus on my business.  Somehow I was managing to get more work done within the same time-frame.  The Universe makes room for you when you follow your inspiration.

It’s a smoother transition – for everyone.

I’ve got big plans, there is no doubt.  I am certain I will be working as a coach and speaker full time.  But I am grateful at the moment for the transition period.  My corporate job does two things. First, it helps me combat my ego’s voice of “what in the hell do you think you are doing’? (this voice can be quite loud in the initial stages) and secondly, it allows my family to slowly get accustomed to the changes happening around them.  It’s like a soft launch.  Let’s face it, building your own business is a family affair.   To up and leave my corporate job would require a lot of reassurance and hand holding.  And I just don’t have the time and energy to do either.  So I am thankful to be moving at a pace that feels safe, authentic and hands-free!

I don’t’ sweat the small stuff.

All those little nuances and things at work that used to bother me are no longer an issue.  When you’ve answered the call of your Soul and are taking steps toward it, those silly issues that were made to seem grand, just don’t matter anymore.  Frankly, they don’t even bother me now.  I just accept them.  I’ve got a renewed sense of purpose that helps keep me in a state of wonder and positivity.  I’ve come to realize that a lot of those reactions was my lack of fulfillment projected in the wrong places.  When you let go of the small things, you make room for big change to happen.

Every situation is different, and some may choose to quit their corporate job and race towards their purpose.   I totally get it!    But for those who have chosen to keep their day job, know there is a benefit to juggling both.

Being in a state of gratitude for my corporate work has opened doors and opportunities for my own business.  I do believe they would not have shown up in my life, if I was focusing on the discontent in my job.  But it’s a choice I make each and every day.  And when the time is right and I am ready to leave the corporate world and make this business my full time gig, I will know that gratitude played a big part in my success and ultimately was the filling that held those blocks together.

Jodie Owen

Jodie Owen is a Life and Transformational Coach. She helps women awaken their potential to enhance every area of their life by expanding their mindset, breaking through limiting beliefs and getting aligned with their truth. She teaches the tools to transform any situation to bring on a whole new kind of happy and possibility. jodieowen.com

  1. Yes! I’ve seen so many quit their job prematurely and end up without any financial safety net. Good to hear not eveyone gets swept off their feet by the idea of entrepreneuring being all free and adventurous.

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