Speaking Your Truth + Sharing Your Story

Y You’ve seen them. The Pinterest and IG quotes that say things like

“shout your truth from the hilltops”, “share your story heal your heart” and such nonsense.

The trouble with this amazing yet glib advice is that most of us are still trying to discover what our truth even is, and how “our story” whatever that is, comes into it.

Some question that popped up for me when thinking about truth and story –  Is my story going to define me? Once spoken and claimed will it shape how I move into the future? Do I curate my story like my Instagram page? Do I leave out the parts I wish weren’t mine and move on? Do I get all TMI in hopes of helping someone with the same problems? And what are we even talking about? It’s not like I’m going to write a book… Or am I? Are you?

Instead of instructing us all to speak our truth and share our story, how about the world-wide-web of inspiration start with some simple steps to finding out what the hell that means?

How do I find my personal truth and how will knowing these things help me. And once discovered how do I share it in a productive way that will help me and others?

That’s what I want to know! And I think that’s what most of us are wondering when we see these transformational prompts.

Before I made any loud declarations to the Universe about my unshakable core truth, I decided to take a deep dive into the foundational pieces conveniently skipped over on “the truth shall set you free” poster, and discovered some simple tools that shed immense light on this whole situation.

These tools, practices, exercises and questions to ask yourself are what I want to share with you. Not my truth, but a way for you to find your own.

Forget the inspoquotes for now, and figure out what you are really, truly and deeply all about, and then tell us about it! Because that my friend is some interesting shit!

When I dared to look behind all the closed doors and around the unknown corners of myself, and gained a really good sense of what my truth was,  I decided to put together a small group of about 400 people and shared with them the EPIC MANIFESTO PROJECT.  A way for them to get to that place in a fun creative support way.

You can check out Unsubscribe’s instagram page  for a cool chance to win a spot in the next course, where you’ll discover all of your own answers to these crazy questions about who am I, where am I going, what’s really important to me, how do I tie it all together, and who cares?

Plus meet an awesome group of fun fellow life wonderers, and you’ll walk away with your very own artistic creation at the end. Just like back in playschool!

If entering this giveaway to win a space in the course isn’t your jam, then the next best thing is to keep living! Because by the time you’re 65 you will have definitely learned some of these things through trial and error! I will personally take a solid shortcut any time it presents itself, but you will get there either way!

Here are what a few of the last Epic Manifesto participants said about their experience in the FB group.

Does anybody else feel like this course was a divine calling on their heart?? I am being honest here, I thought there was a chance this was going to be cheesy but was so hopeful that I would get just something, anything out of it. In just 2 short weeks it has really expanded my mind and helped me to dig deeper into myself. Thank you Tia. What you do matters – and I think I can speak for all of us.” – ~Dare~

“So did anyone else have this happen… I listened and participated in the first week. Then, let it all soak in, took time to dig deep, found some AHA’s that lead to more opportunity, increased hope, new directions, mindset shifts, leading to me finding a new passion for waking up, putting energy into my new found directions, I’m making more progress in 2 weeks than in 2 years (no, make that decades), feeling a fire ignited again. This community is just ethereal!” ~Carey~

“I was excited to find Tia offering this create your manifesto course, but I must admit I was also concerned that it would be yet more words and inspiration I’ve collected and let dust settle on. So my goal for the past 5 weeks was not only to create a manifesto, but see how I could get some action going on it. Since the last part of EPIC is C – commitment, creation, community. I took my passion of making a difference, my experience with teaching and leading workshops, with my love of travel and just finished creating, and putting out there an Epic retreat to Guatemala!” ~Merna~

“This program gave me the nudge to put out there what’s been in my mind and heart and creative safety places for so long. Tia had a way of making me feel like I was part of something bigger… an important part! And I realized very early on that there’s more people like me, which means there are people who DO need me (just like I’ve needed them). I feel like now I am unstuck and can move forward toward my dream life!!” ~Vona~

“I’m literally shaking. It works! My key lessons from the 3rd Epic Manifesto call, really, actually work! “Decide what you want. Believe it is possible. Be an inverse paranoid.” I’ve reached a financial low. I was down to my last 5 dollars with, maybe, 20 more expected over the next 10 days, with which to feed my dog and myself, pay my electricity bill and by Thursday also my rent. I was at the bus stop on my way home, feeling TERRIFIED. And then I decided to give it a try. Be an inverse paranoid. I found myself…counting my day’s miracles, and a couple of hours later sitting into the night working on my Epic Manifesto. This morning 3 (yes, three) consecutive and unexpected magical sources of money came through! wow! I am blown away. “Decide what you want. Believe it is possible. Be an inverse paranoid.” Here’s to manifesting everything we want! XO” ~Zelda~

“More great news!!!! I cannot begin to thank you, Tia. I have been stuck in branding dead-lock since April. Thanks to this group, these exercises and several other factors that I have manifested in recent weeks. I finally feel like ALL the pieces of the puzzle are complete. Wow that feels good to say!!!! I am no longer stuck in planning mode. Onto the next phase of manifesting my biggest dreams. Here goes….”

“What a great journey! It was so wonderful connecting and sharing with everyone. Thank you for creating such a soul enriching space” ~Keao~

Now doesn’t that sound awesome! What are you waiting for? Enter to win HERE 


Tia Kelly

Tia is an ICF (International Coach Federation) professionally trained life coach, and the cofounder of a nonprofit initiative called Global Sorority. She is also the co-creator of a documentary film series about what it is like to be a girl in the far reaches of the globe and proving that their leadership will change the world. Her passion is to empower and inspire women to be the creators of their very own Epic life stories. She contests that women hold the power to shape a better world through positive, collaborative leadership. This, she believes, must start by women becoming strong leaders of their own lives.

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