What story does your business tell the world?

Lessons come in many forms; for us, it arrived wrapped in a small package of coconut oil. In i3 we met Will Lauder, the founder of Kapuluan Coconut. He has taken an item many have come to cherish in their beauty and kitchen routines, and found a way to not only deliver a stellar product but to sustainably give back to farming communities in the Philippines. We’ll let you read his story in i3, but we wanted to make the lesson Will lives as an entrepreneur universal; we wanted to learn from him and his business model and encourage our Unsubscribers to do the same.

1. Businesses need to be sustainable, in ALL areas

As you carve out your niche or strategize how to expand your own company, ask yourself if you are truly sustainable. Is your business model financially viable? Are your staff treated fairly and respectfully? Are you always looking to nurture your relationships with your customers? Is your product negatively or positively impacting the planet, and what are some adjustments you can make to shift it into a more sustainable practice? Is your product – even unintentionally – depriving another of an income or life source, and are you giving back to the communities you are profiting from? These questions ALL matter. As society’s values (hopefully continue to) shift, and consumers are choosing to support ethical and sustainable businesses ask yourself where will you be – at the front or the back of the pack?

2. Most of the genius ideas and solutions you will come up with will result from problems you were once confronted with 

This is a two part lesson; firstly, if you are feeling stuck – keep living and experiencing life. Your everyday interactions, good and bad, will influence the perceptions you have of your industry and will stretch you to expand in ways you never imagine. Secondly, if you are in a bad place – take comfort knowing at one point in the future, this will catapult you into greater heights. There is a lesson you need to learn so that you can share it with others.

3. Even in business, money is NOT what matters most

People and our planet should be valued over profits; that is our value at Unsubscribe and we are encouraged to observe so many other corporations and ventures leaning this way as well. going back to lesson #1, it is vital that you are not climbing to the top at all costs, decimating everything and everyone you come into contact with. We need to work together to progress further, both in business, and as a global community.

For more about Will and his venture, get your copy of i3 and share with us what lessons you took away from his business model.


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