7 Day Minimalist Challenge

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.”

Minimalism is the process of creating more by focusing on less, and in the spirit of this our team has put together a challenge for all of you Unsubscribers. We will be joining you in this challenge and encourage you to do it a few times throughout the year as you hit ‘pause’ and decipher where you need to create more space in your life.

Day 1

Wake up 10 minutes early and spend time alone with your thoughts. Meditate, pray, stretch, sit still with a warm drink and soak up the process of quieting your mind. Steal back your 10 minutes at the end of the day by going to sleep early.

Day 2

Declutter your inbox. Hit ‘delete’ on all unnecessary emails, empty your junk folder, remove all the letters/photos/memorabilia keeping you in your past and clean up your virtual world.

Day 3

Leave your wallet at home. Spend the day using whatever you already have: eating the food in your fridge/cupboard, drinking water rather than buying drinks, appreciating the belongings at your disposal and paying attention to the abundance already in your life without feeling the urge to add anything more.

Day 4

Unplug from social media. Spend the day without checking your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. Snapchats can wait until tomorrow (or next week?). Stay present and enjoy your day without showcasing it to anyone in your social media realm.

Day 5

Declutter your bedroom. This is your sanctuary, the space in your home for sleep, sex and solitude. It’s your escape. Remove unnecessary items, hang up your clothes, wash your linens, dust the surfaces and vacuum the floors. Respect the space in your home where you are able to relish the intimate moments with yourself and others.

Day 6

Wear one hat. We know this might be the hardest challenge of them all, but whatever you’re doing be ALL there. If you’re cooking dinner for your family, only focus on cooking dinner. If you’re working on a deadline, focus on the project at hand. If you’re taking a day for yourself, simply enjoy yourself without distraction or guilt. If you’re cuddling your significant other, snuggle them longer and harder without checking your phone or replying to texts. Don’t be everything to everyone all at once – this is about remaining present and leaving guilt at the door.

Day 7

Get outside. Take 60 minutes at least to surround yourself with nature. Go for a run, meet a friend for a walk, practice yoga on the beach or simply sit on a bench with your meal during your lunch break. Challenge yourself even more by only interacting with your surroundings and ignoring any virtual reality calling your name.


Empty Space is Beautiful

Let us know how it goes! If you experience any shifts in your life, perhaps commit to incorporating a daily practice to declutter your life and if you have any suggestions comment below!


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