Vacate: Technology Free Escapes

Ever gone on vacation and felt yourself unable to unwind, unable to ignore that NON-URGENT-urgent work email and unable to sit still for long? Perhaps you need to escape to  a paradise that is UNPLUGGED! No wifi, no emails, no snap chatting your memories… just you, the ones you’ve chosen to escape with, and the enjoyment of the environment you’ve chosen to escape to.

Think you’re up for it? Here are some of our favourite “unplugged” vacation spots…

Little Palm Island Resort and Spa - Florida Keys

Accessible by only seaplane or boat, this hidden gem boasts palm trees and sandy beaches sans access to your phone or laptop. This is your go-to for anyone seeking the luxurious. Don’t believe us? Take a peek here!

Vallecitos Mountain Refuge

Looking to discover a deeper way of being and living? A sacred space, with retreats offered for a diverse amount of people, Vallecitos Mountain Refuge is surrounded by the Tusa mountains of New Mexico. The solitude invites guests to escape from the craziness of modern life and waltz into a deeper relationship with themselves. Away from all distractions, the retreats offered will inspire you to dig deep, listen to yourself in a way you haven’t before, and then feel supported to take that back into your everyday life. We can’t recommend this beautiful retreat space enough, take a look here and see if the mountains of New Mexico are calling to you.

Fusion Maia De Nang

If you find yourself exploring Southeast Asia, this beautiful all inclusive resort might be perfect for you. Marketed as more of a lifestyle than a vacation resort, guests are able to enjoy a five star experience in a resort dedicated to relaxation. What makes this escape stand out even more is the individualized services that include catering to children’s needs. Supervised activities are available daily between two and six p.m. allowing parents the opportunity to connect and rekindle their romance away from the cutest distractions in their lives. For more information about this Vietnamese hot spot, check out their website here.

HI-Mosquito Creek Wilderness Hostel

If you’re looking for more than a digital detox and love the idea of camping, Canada’s HI- Mosquito Creek wilderness escape will provide that and more. This hostel is completely off the grid – no wifi or cell reception, no electricity, and no showers. Instead, entertain yourself with outdoor adventures such as hiking and cycling in the warmer months and snow sports in the winter months.  Did we mention it’s surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Banff, Alberta? More information available here.

If the thought of an unplugged vacation excites you but you can’t find the time or money, consider creating your own version in the form of a “staycation”. Lock up your digital toys for a weekend, create an itinerary for yourself and anyone you choose to share it with, and create the space for some un-plugged, self love relaxation time right at home.

Know of any other spots we should check out? Let us know in the comments below!


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