Signs You Are Ready For Entrepreneurship

Our team at Unsubscribe has been fortunate enough to interview some amazing entrepreneurs who have shared their lessons with us. From these business giants, we’ve put together some common themes we’ve collected. Here’s some of the key aspects to entrepreneurship that might make you a perfect candidate for the entrepreneurial life …

  1. You are a risk taker
  2. Boundaries are something you have mastered in your life to maintain a sense of balance that works for you
  3. You recognize the people you should surround yourself with to support your vision and complement your weaknesses
  4. It’s not just about the money
  5. You are self motivated
  6. Eat, Live, Breathing your passion is second nature
  7. Failure doesn’t exist to you
  8. You don’t give up easily
  9. You aren’t afraid to hear “no” and you don’t take “no” seriously
  10. You are creative
  11. You are a rule breaker, a natural disruptor
  12. People gravitate to you and your ideas
  13. Fear is something you acknowledge, but you follow through despite it
  14. You’re competitive with yourself but you work well in community with others
  15. Your business idea is not just something you want to do, it embodies a huge part of who you are

If some of these sound familiar to you perhaps it’s time to take the plunge! The entrepreneurial life is not for everyone but it can be extremely rewarding and a lifestyle that can support other personal goals you may have. Are you an entrepreneur? If you have any other lessons you’ve learnt along the way please share them with our community below!

To all you business renegades, keep on keeping on!


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