You Are Okay.

We’ve all been there.

We had a plan. It got derailed.

WHY? We yelled at the Universe.

HOW? We racked our brain.

NOW WHAT? We sobbed into our pillows at night.

Then we took one step. We put one foot in front of the other. One step became two. Two steps became three. Three steps became four.

We didn’t know how, but we started to see the next twist in the path. We started to feel brave enough to keep taking those steps. We started to feel like maybe, just maybe, we’d be somewhere better in our journey soon.

We wobbled at times. But our friends were there. That little coffee shop corner was there.  The sun lighting up our beautiful surroundings was still there. And when everything else failed, Netflix was there.

This may be a distant memory, or it might be your current situation. Whatever it is, you’ve been there at some point, and you will be there again at another.


The consistent thing here is that you will BE OKAY. Because you just need to take one step. Even if you wobble. Even if you scream. Even if you sob.

One step. At. A Time.

Sometimes life goes like this, and it’s okay.

You were okay. You are okay. You will always be okay.


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