A Vida Fausto

Two years ago Lynn Mylou sold her home in Amsterdam, packed her dog Fausto and a few of her belongings into a camper van and made her way to Portugal. She found a beautiful piece of land at the foot of the Serra de Estrela mountain range. This is where her journey started in creating her own non-toxic, carbon positive, off grid treehouse. But her biggest aim is to provide harmless housing, to reprogram linear thinking into circular living and to leave a positive impact on society and the planet. A Vida Fausto is the ultimate way of living, the modern luxury life while preserving a sustainable healthy habitat. This is the story of a city girl with a pursuit of moving beyond modernist ideas and materialistic visions.


Fausto is the name of your beloved dog, your project, new home and seems to stand for your all around way of life. What does A Vida Fausto mean for and to you?

My dog Fausto is one of my most important mirrors in understanding myself. When he arrived I was working through a lot of blocks rooted in ego, he mirrored everything from my fears, to emotions and coping mechanisms. Fausto came to me as a sensitive abandoned puppy and before adopting Fausto I had never considered Portugal as a country in which to establish my project. But while researching to go visit his birthplace for a holiday, it opened my eyes. Soon after, it became very clear that Portugal was the place to be, and things rapidly started aligning. Mine and Fausto’s trip together in the camper towards Portugal was incredible and the beginning of a remarkable journey.

A vida de Fausto means ‘The life of Fausto’ and A vida Fausto translates to “The luxury life”. From a Western perspective my life is far from luxurious, but every day I feel like the richest woman on the planet. This project is all about redefining our beliefs and ideas of what true luxury, true happiness and true love means. How we can achieve such thing by rediscovering our connection with nature and therefore ourselves.


In 2015 you sold your home and your belongings in Amsterdam, you bought a camper van and started your remarkable journey. Before your big move you worked for some quite commercial clients such as NIKE, Red Bull and Heineken. You’ve also lived in one of the biggest, most consumer based cities in the world, New York. Was there a certain turning point that you can define that made you rethink your life choices and the path you were on? Do you think working in that field and living in big cities (New York, Berlin, Amsterdam) propelled you moving to a more basic and more conscious way of life?

Absolutely! We all walk a different path which eventually leads us to the same destination. I personally feel that, during my early adulthood, my intuition guided me on a journey to become conscious of our external world first. I’ve learned that my journey isn’t a linear one, starting at birth and ending with our death. It’s a continuous learning curve of growth and expansion where we discover new dimensions . My experiences in advertising taught me a lot about how easily we are manipulated and what huge role the media plays in crafting our beliefs by programming our minds. When I was invited as an exchange student at Parsons the New School for Design in New York I moved to Brooklyn, a neighborhood that wasn’t touched by gentrification yet and considered quite rough at that time. Every day I took a short ride in the L-train to central Manhattan where I found myself in a top of the bill education facility. When I would get home, only crossing the river that was bordering these two boroughs, I was faced with people struggling on food stamps, a lot of violence, abuse and poverty. Experiencing this contrast and inequality on a daily base made me very sad and angry, but it also taught me a lot about duality and human selfish tendencies of hierarchy, greed, control as well as my own privileged life. But there are many more experiences in the first 10 years of my adult life that contributed to my understanding of the true nature of society and the so called “matrix”. All these experiences combined made me more conscious of my own programmed beliefs, fears, coping mechanisms and the complex design of mental slavery we chose to participate in.

A Vida Fausto is a beautiful, self-sustainable piece of paradise. Your studies in permaculture design principles and your interest in food production and consumption must have helped you in many ways to create A Vida Fausto. But I don’t think you can ever be completely prepared for moving onto a piece of land, forest in the middle of nowhere in a strange country with a different language and culture. How smoothly did you transition to living at A Vida Fausto? Where did your past 10 years of experience come in and who/what inspired you and helped you along the way?

The final projects I worked on in Amsterdam, which were all linked to the circular economy and cradle-to-cradle design processes, gave me the final push I needed to embark on this journey. By studying Willam McDonough’s work I felt like I finally had found an umbrella which takes all aspects of our modern-day lifestyle into consideration in order to provide sustainable and practical solutions.At the same time I started to understand Universal Law and discover how to work with energy, frequencies and my personal vibration which allowed me to move into a space of allowing rather than trying. I met the right people at the right time and before I knew it, the carbon positive, off grid Birdhouse and basic amenities like electricity, a hot shower and kitchen I had asked for, became a reality in front of my eyes.

Being more in alignment, doesn’t mean I never experience challenges or difficult times, but I am much better equipped now to acknowledge and embrace unpleasant emotions, fears and other energies without getting attached or identify with them. The next action required is to transmute them and get myself back to a higher vibrational state very quick. That’s why I make my own personal well-being the highest priority of all, even though external circumstances or people may try to convince me otherwise. By perceiving every interaction and experience as a blessing rather than a curse and choosing to be a creator rather than victim of our personal circumstances, we individually have the power to create that what we desire the most and that’s a very empowering and secure place to act from.


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