Photographer Profile: Timothy Aukshunas

Creativity is …


Creativity doesn’t have boundaries, it isn’t right or wrong.  The beauty of creativity is there are no rules.  Go with the grain, go against it – everything is up for grabs.  

Creating confidently is …

I feel like confidence and creativity directly influence each other.  It is a symbiotic relationship.  We all have a story to tell and means to express it – mine just happens to be through the open and closing of a shutter.  I have found that you have stick to your guns on your vision and it just doesn’t work right if you’re second-guessing yourself.      


The Unsubscribed life is …


There no rules and if there are, you make them.  What’s so compelling is that living unsubscribed allows you to blaze your own trail and there aren’t many that take advantage of this.  I think you have to unsubscribe from people’s opinions and judgment.


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