Beauty in Conversation with Brit Gill

Beauty in Conversation with Brit Gill

Vancouver’s best kept secret is out, and her name is Brit Gill. A talented photographer capturing life’s beautiful moments in Canada and outside her borders, Brit chats with us in i6 about beauty and life behind the lens. Here is a sneak peek into the article and a glimpse of her wondrous work.



Beauty is defined as …


Beauty is subjective…My personal version is anything that gives me inspiration tingles or brings a tear to my eye — I don’t try to label it in any way but I know beauty is occurring to me through those feelings.


Being in front of the lens …


I used to be comfortable in front of the lens before I became a photographer and now I am super critical of myself which really does suck. I have very few photos that have captured my true essence which is something I strive to do for my clients. In a digital world of selfies, it is a bit intimidating as well — some people are just so photogenic and good at knowing their angles; I am definitely still working on that. I hope to share more photos of myself in 2018 so my clients can actually recognize me!


Embracing beauty on a daily basis …


The most beautiful parts of my life revolve around spending time with humans. I love people and when I am connecting with humans I am at my best. I also love watching the light, especially sunlight. I love watching it bounce around our high-rise apartment all day, I love to watch how the angle and characteristics of the light change with the seasons.












Read i6 for the rest of this interview and more of Brit’s drool worthy art! Catch her on instagram here and show her some love!

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