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Raw Beauty with Erin Treloar


Founder of Raw Beauty Talks, Erin Treloar sat down with Unsubscribe and dished on beauty, self love, and what the future looks like for beauty and the media.

A little background …

Erin’s greatest passion is helping girls and women learn to live from a place of self love.  She launched her organization, Raw Beauty Talks  in 2014 with an interview series featuring over 200 women without make-up, photo editing or filters igniting a global conversation about beauty, confidence and self love in today’s world.  In 2014, she founded Raw Beauty Talks Society to support programs raising self esteem in youth and today she runs a coaching practice helping women overcome emotional eating so that they can finally make peace with food and their body.

Erin’s work has been featured in publications including Elle magazine, the LA Times and Marie Claire amongst others and she was named as one of HuffPo Canada’s Top 50 Bloggers.  Keep your eyes peeled for her Raw Beauty book coming soon…


What was the spark that ignited this movement?


I struggled with an eating disorder in high school that was perpetuated by the unrealistic ideal of beauty that I saw in media.  What started out as an effort to lose a couple of pounds, quickly spiralled into something much more serious. I spent 3 months in recovery in the hospital and I started to understand the powerful effect media has on our beliefs about ourselves. I felt called to create a space where women could see a more authentic form of beauty and have an honest conversation about their own experiences in this area.


Did it take off right away or were there moments where you wondered if it would ever become what you hoped and envisioned?


There are STILL moments when I wonder if it will become everything that I hope it will be!! Almost every day.  Raw started as a passion project and now it has a for profit division and a nonprofit division. I have goals to build out both arms of the business but I’m also building my family right now so I have to prioritize projects and tackle one at a time.  When you have a clear vision of where you want to take something it’s hard not to want it all right now, but it’s important to celebrate the milestones along the way.


What does ‘beauty’ mean to you personally?


Beauty is a feeling evoked by something that commands your attention and leaves you feeling breathless, expanded and wanting more.  It can be a poem, laugh lines, the sky, a moment. It’s all around us if we choose to see it.


What does ‘beauty’ mean to you professionally?


Professionally beauty conjures up two thoughts.  The first is the type of beauty portrayed in the majority of media. The kind of beauty that is commercialized and expected.  Then there is raw beauty, which is the authentic, diverse, untouched type of beauty I hope to see in media moving forward.

To read the rest of this interview (trust us, you don’t want to miss it!) grab your copy of issue 6 now!

To learn more about Raw Beauty Talks, connect with Erin here








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