Summer ’18 Must Travel List

It’s that time of year in the Northern hemisphere where the weather starts to turn and we can start putting away our winter coats for our spring wardrobe. The sun tickles our skin reminding us of summer’s promises and we feel recharged to jetset to new and exciting places.

Or is that just us?

Our team of avid wanderlusters sat down to come up with a list of must-visit places this summer. Every place has been visited by someone on our team, and is listed as one of the top five places in the world we have visited before. That way each of our recommendations comes with a big stamp of personal approval.

Cartagena, Colombia


Photo by Luis-Vidal


Kruger National Park, South Africa 

Photo by Ron Dauphin


Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Photo by Fredrik Ohlander


Kauai, Hawaii

Photo by Jakob Owens


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia 

Photo by Emma Svalstad

Asos, Greece

Photo by Alex Blajan


Tokyo, Japan

Ryoji Iwata


Lake Como, Italy

Photo by Mariya Georgieva

Moorea (and Bora Bora), French Polynesia 

Photo by Artak Petrosyan

Tel Aviv, Israel 

Photo by Arno Smit

Joshua Tree, USA

Photo by Chelsea Bock

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Photo by Javi lorbada

Whistler, Canada

Photo by Ivana Cajina


Share where you’re travelling with us this summer, and let us know if it should be added to this list!

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