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First Ask Amy Piece – Ways of incorporating wellness into my life!


Hi There,


I’m Amy Mackenzie and I am so excited to be kicking off the ‘Ask Amy’ weekly column. As a woman in my thirties, certified life and business coach, soulful business owner, truth speaker, heart leader and transformational change cheerleader, I feel there are so many topics and conversations awaiting us. While I certainly am not an expert in everything, I do have some serious life experience, a coaching certification and an unshakable belief about the power we each hold within.

I am here to provide insights, personal shares, advice, suggestions, guidance and pep talks all with the purpose of helping you to look deeper within, awaken, discover, get curious, ask questions, take inspired action and feel empowered and 100% capable to be the designer of your own life.

Every week I will be writing in response to a question (or two) asked by one of YOU, the valued readers and voices behind this platform, so please hit me up with your must-know questions and we are going to do our best to feature as many of you as possible while providing value to you all.

Today we are talking ‘everyday wellness’ with the first question being…

What are some ways that I can incorporate everyday wellness into my life?


Firstly I want to start by inviting you all to take a minute and ask yourself what does wellness mean to you? Seriously, write that down as one of the first ways you can incorporate it into your days – by knowing what it represents for YOU! What does it look like? Feel like? Include?


Now have a look at your answers, your clear list of ways you see + feel wellness can be included or infused into your life, and check in to see how much of this you’re actually doing?


Time to get lovingly real here for a moment – what is stopping you from doing the things you know are important for you? What gets in your way? Be honest and remember this isn’t about being judged, ‘wrong’ or to make you feel bad about yourself, so you don’t need to make excuses or try to defend why it isn’t happening but rather just be real to yourself about it, because that’s when you can set about changing it.


Once you’ve got a clear pathway of what you want and what is holding you back, you are in a really self empowered place to make a plan and take some action.

Now let’s cover 3 big action areas that are quite common and also super valuable towards incorporating more wellness within your life, everyday:


Adjust your expectations + focus on one area at a time – Often the first thing tripping us up and holding us back from creating change are our own expectations. They can be so big that we buckle under the pressure before we even begin (hello overwhelm). You don’t need to climb the entire wellness mountain in one go, you’ve got time and space to bring in all of the things that you want for yourself. Strip it back by simply choosing ONE area of your wellness you want to focus on right now. Go back to your answers from the first question I asked you and choose what you would love to start with, it might be around rest and recovery, nutrition and nourishment, physical movement, mental health and mindset, spirituality and self development etc. Just choose the area calling to you the MOST right now (the rest will still be there).


Set your boundaries – these babies can completely change your life if you set them. These can include everything from start and finish times, saying no, saying yes, blocking out time on your calendar for what’s important to you, setting reminders to support you, holding people to their word, staying true to yours, being realistic with your time, having the hard conversations, asking and receiving help and so much more. Setting your boundaries that align with you is about matching up the first exercise and the second above, by looking at what you want and where you are currently being held back and what is within your own power to change it. Where could some strong and self loving boundaries serve you?


Cultivate a daily practice which includes one non-negotiable and has room for flexibility and experimentation – Woah that was a mouthful. But honestly this action of commitment served with a side of flexibility will work wonders for your wellness. Using your ONE chosen area as a starting point, now is the time to break it down even further. What are the smaller parts of that wellness area? For example I personally am currently working on the area of inner health and nourishment which for me includes what I am eating, system support including supplements, going to Dr’s appointments, having tests done and more. Just reading that starts to feel like too much amongst running my biz, showing up for life and all of the other things I want to do too and I am not even sure what is right for me, what will work etc – so I have chosen one non negotiable which is taking my supplements every night and then I have a whole list of the other actions I can choose from, experiment with and try over time. I have given myself permission not to ‘have’ to do everything, everyday except for my one non negotiable. This creates a habit of consistent action within the wellbeing goal/focus area without restrictions and a daily practice that can change and grow as you do.


The exercises and actions I have shared with you today are not only powerful within the area of wellness, but can be applied to any area of your life or business that you are wanting to incorporate new practices or habits within too.


Speak to you next week. In the meantime, you can get your free dose of inspiration over on Instagram @designingherlife or take the next step towards unleashing the extraordinary woman within you, by booking a free heart to heart consult here


Big Love

Amy xoxo


Amy Mackenzie

Amy is a coach, mentor and personal cheerleader for conscious and creative women on a purpose-filled mission. Using a blend of soul, intuitive guidance, street smarts, strategy and coaching to help unleash the extraordinary woman within. Amy has a unique way of being able to really see 'her', the woman behind the biz and loves supporting her clients to tap into what they truly want, move through what's holding them back and build a beautiful business in the process. Amy works with big hearted women who are called to live a life of more meaning, to leave a legacy and pave the way for others through the work that they do but gets tripped up by her own mind. Fears of being seen, confidently sharing her message and of not being enough, keep her playing small but she is ready to let the woman within lead the way and shine so brightly both in life and business. You can get your free dose of inspiration over on Instagram @designingherlife or take the next step towards unleashing the extraordinary woman within you, by booking a free heart to heart consult on her website.

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