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This week we wanted to highlight an incredible Vancouver photographer! Her work can be found in i6 in the article for the lovely Salted Cycle, but we felt she deserved her own post entirely. So let us introduce you to the wonderful Court …

Hi Court! Thanks for joining us and sharing your insights as a photographer.


1) How did you get started as a photographer? Was it always what you envisioned yourself doing?
I have always found myself looking through old photograph albums growing up. The fact that a photograph captures a moment of time and creates a memory to look back on is fascinating to me. It wasn’t until university that I really committed myself to learning more about the art of photography. Since then, I have committed to developing myself and my art regularly. I find photographers in Vancouver are very supportive of each other. I regularly meet up with different photographers to talk about working with different clients, locations, lenses, lighting, you name it!
2) What or who are your favourite subjects to shoot?
My favourite subject has to be babies and maternity shoots! This is a time where a new journey has just started for the subject or is just about to start. With babies, the sound of their mom or dad’s voice can trigger a smile – and when that happens, it is incredible to see.
3) How do you like to set up your shoots?
It is usually a conversation with my clients. I like to put them in a setting where they feel most connected to and comfortable. Whether that is in their home or in a park next to the ocean.
4) What is your favourite season to shoot in?
I would say spring or winter. A cloudy day in the winter creates beautiful lighting and a cozy feeling – which to me, brings a sense of warmth and connection. In the spring, flowers are blooming, people are outside and the light puts a glow on my subject’s faces.
5) Which do you prefer: Mountains or beaches? Portraits or landscapes?
Beaches are my absolute favourite. The ocean creates an incredible backdrop. Thanks Mother Nature!
6) What has been your favourite shoot and why?
I love to shoot down in Laguna Beach. Laguna is a magical place – the water is always sparkling and I can always capture the best surfer shots.
My job is complete when I can help create these two feelings – Confidence + self esteem. I feel the most powerful when I am behind the lens showing others their inside beauty by bringing out for the rest of the world to see.
For more information, visit Court @
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