Ask Amy – Expectations

What do I do if my expectation for where I should be in my life does not reflect my reality?

Simple answer: adjust your expectations!

Now let’s break it down in more detail shall we because if it was that easy we would all just do it, right?!

The key words in this question are ‘expectation’ and ‘should’ both of which are really important to pay attention to behind anything that we do.
*hint if they are the driving force it’s definitely time for a self check in.

Begin by asking yourself why you really want the things you thought ‘should’ or would be a part of your reality right now?

What does each one mean to you? What will they bring to your life that you don’t currently have now?

Where did these expectations come from? Is it something you’ve dreamt of since you were a child, made a decision about in high school or maybe something you were told would be a good idea for you? Dig in deep to uncover the full picture here and also identify if they are areas you’re passionate about, a life goal or simply an expectation?

And what will it mean to you if you’re 5 years older by the time you have them? Or if you were to change your mind around them?

Within your answers you will find room for a few different things…

1. You may realise that those expectations weren’t yours to begin with and in fact you’ve been carrying around unnecessary pressure that you can start to let go of and instead spend some time reflecting on what you REALLY want.

2.  It might be clear that you are no longer connected to those dreams or goals anymore and although at one point in time they mattered, you’ve grown and changed and so therefore your focuses and priorities have too.

3. The importance of them for you might be enhanced and you have then strengthened your why, gained clarity on their meaning and can now work on prioritising them in your life.

Now no matter your answer, the steps forward are yours to take, whether they are in letting go, readjusting or re-prioritising – the power is yours again.

Now go and take charge of your reality!

Amy xo

Amy Mackenzie

Amy is a coach, mentor and personal cheerleader for conscious and creative women on a purpose-filled mission. Using a blend of soul, intuitive guidance, street smarts, strategy and coaching to help unleash the extraordinary woman within. Amy has a unique way of being able to really see 'her', the woman behind the biz and loves supporting her clients to tap into what they truly want, move through what's holding them back and build a beautiful business in the process. Amy works with big hearted women who are called to live a life of more meaning, to leave a legacy and pave the way for others through the work that they do but gets tripped up by her own mind. Fears of being seen, confidently sharing her message and of not being enough, keep her playing small but she is ready to let the woman within lead the way and shine so brightly both in life and business. You can get your free dose of inspiration over on Instagram @designingherlife or take the next step towards unleashing the extraordinary woman within you, by booking a free heart to heart consult on her website.

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