Ask Amy- How do I Love Myself?

I am having a hard time loving and accepting myself. Where do I begin?


Hey there,


Firstly I want to say you are so not alone in this. In fact it is more common than not for us to feel a little (sometimes a lot) challenged in this area. Often there are years of habits, beliefs and old programming impacting our relationship with ourselves. Identifying that you actually want to feel differently and treat yourself with more love and acceptance is already a huge step – well done.


I have 3 tools/practices that I believe are both gentle and game changing when consistently implemented, that I want to share with you today….



Free from judgement, pressure, should’s etc but rather filled with stillness, space, flexibility and understanding. Because it is hard to love parts of yourself that you haven’t gotten to know or explored yet. This is where journaling and some powerful self questioning can deeply support you. Including asking yourself both what are you not loving or accepting within yourself at the moment? And what you do deeply love and respect within yourself?
Add in some meditation or simply some quiet time and deep breathing and you will start to find the answers/guidance you are looking for to begin this journey of self.



Instead of starting out excusing yourself (any other serial apologisers here) or telling people what you’re NOT good at, it is time to focus more on your best strengths and qualities and share them with the world.


Somewhere along the way we got the memo that talking confidently about ourselves, believing in ourselves or being strong and self assured is a bad thing. I am here to tell you darling, that it is NOT!!! Confidence is the new black! I believe that deep self confidence starts with believing in ourselves and recognising our own strengths and great traits.


So here is a little challenge for you…

Everyday, I would love for you to say out loud one positive and kind thing that you believe about yourself. What do you know to be true about who you are?


If this feels hard or challenging for you then do it twice a day to help you bring more confidence and self-belief into your life + biz. And if you’re feeling extra daring, write one positive thing about yourself below. I would love to know!



Honestly my relationship with myself deepened and expanded when I started asking for some help and support in this area. Personally I have worked with kinesiologists, coaches, counsellors, therapists and many more varied practitioners from the practical to the spiritual and the past healing to the forward focused action taking. It depends on where you are at in your feelings towards yourself and also where and how they are coming up for you, as to what support will feel best for you. It is a completely personal decision and one that I recommend exploring and experimenting with – try it and see. A tip for finding your people, is to ask for some personal recommendations, whether that be from friends and family or in an online space where you feel safe to ask.


Loving and accepting yourself is one of the greatest gifts of a lifetime and remember you have the power to give this to yourself.


Shout out if you have any questions, want to share your own experiences or need a recommendation (I can’t promise I know someone for everyone but I will always do my best)


Big Love

Amy xoxo


Amy Mackenzie

Amy is a coach, mentor and personal cheerleader for conscious and creative women on a purpose-filled mission. Using a blend of soul, intuitive guidance, street smarts, strategy and coaching to help unleash the extraordinary woman within. Amy has a unique way of being able to really see 'her', the woman behind the biz and loves supporting her clients to tap into what they truly want, move through what's holding them back and build a beautiful business in the process. Amy works with big hearted women who are called to live a life of more meaning, to leave a legacy and pave the way for others through the work that they do but gets tripped up by her own mind. Fears of being seen, confidently sharing her message and of not being enough, keep her playing small but she is ready to let the woman within lead the way and shine so brightly both in life and business. You can get your free dose of inspiration over on Instagram @designingherlife or take the next step towards unleashing the extraordinary woman within you, by booking a free heart to heart consult on her website.

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