What is your un-word?

What do you need to free yourself from or what value do you most embody?


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About Us

Unsubscribe Magazine is …

X a platform to cultivate a community of disruptors, trailblazers, social visionaries and anyone desiring to live a more authentic and fulfilling life
X a borderless, global publication in both print and digital with contributors from around the world offering a balanced perspective on meaningful topics
X your home for words on travel, food for thought, life’s nitty gritty, movers and shakers
X media that focuses on propelling the earth and its people forward

Our goal is to inspire and stimulate …

X the pursuit of breaking the mould and fighting for freedom in all its shapes and sizes
X thinking independently and outside the box – or better yet, like there is no box
X taking risks to pursue your dreams while uplifting others along the way
X championing you as you swim upstream and unsubscribe to everything that restricts you from living your epic life

Our commitment is to …
X surprise you with issues throughout the year
X give you a voice and share your story
X challenge you to open your heart and mind to a more meaningful life
X connect you with our rogue nation of non-conformers committed to making their mark and supporting you as you make yours
X manage media that inspires and prioritizes people over profits
X over-deliver always
X provide you with more than a typical magazine – each issue will be a form of art, a collective of strong imagery and memorable words
X cultivate this community and connect with you wherever in the world you may be
X become a place where you belong

Our "WHY"

Our Mission Statement and “BIG Why” is...
X simply, to nurture a generation of people who are looking to be awakened from living an autopilot life

...Why do we follow the herd? Is it for safety? Security? Force of habit? Why do we allow others to plot the path in front of us, influencing how we live, what we read, eat and think about?

Here at Unsubscribe we emancipate ourselves from the ordinary, supporting anyone looking for the extraordinary in their everyday. We value true freedom from any group or body that imposes their views and values on others, celebrating free thinkers, rule breakers and trailblazers. We exist for the everyday person to be inspired towards a richer, more meaningful life that they are in control of. We give tailwinds to game changers and we shake up traditional media with our approach of dismissing political correctness - there are no rules or gag orders here. We value diversity in thought and expression, and we applaud the rogue individual that dares to stand out.

Furthermore, we think people are the worlds best resource. Our aim is to invest in the humans of this planet and empower you to invest in yourself, so that you may trigger positive chain reactions in your own communities.

A Little About You …

It takes courage to stand alone and live your truth. It takes courage to break the rules, challenge society’s expectations and take a leap of faith in pursuing a dream – whatever that dream may be to you, big or small.

Unsubscribe Magazine is here for YOU.

You are a risk taker, a rule breaker, a non-conformist. You disrupt expectations and are open to going against the grain. You are willing to work hard to make your dreams a reality and you are unapologetic in living your truth. You are an entrepreneur, a social visionary who deeply cares about building a community alongside your initiative. You are engaged with environmental and political issues, and you are not afraid to use your voice – intelligently, with love and without hiding behind political correctness or hopping on the bandwagon. You are an explorer with an insatiable appetite for exploring the corners of the globe and creating authentic connections with others. Deep down, you are yearning for a rich and rewarding life filled with passion, purpose and passport stamps.

Join our wolf pack

You are part of the next revolution and we want to welcome you to our wolf pack. What is it that you are unsubscribing from? Are you unafraid, or do you need to be more fearless? Are you uncensored, or do you need to find your voice? Claim your own “Un-Word”, the quality you are or the quality you hope to claim as you begin this journey of unsubscribing to everything holding you back!

Robyn Gooding Woolston - Editor in Chief

Robyn is the Editor in Chief of Unsubscribe Magazine. A citizen of this world, Robyn has called numerous countries home and currently hops between three continents. After deciding to take the leap of faith and move to Japan, her entrepreneurial and creative spirit was revived. While travelling extensively and meeting wonderful people doing amazing things, the spark was ignited to create this magazine as an outlet for her soul purpose: giving others a voice. This is something she knows well in her other role as President and Founder of the non-profit organization Girls4Girls Charitable Association, an organization that provides support to victims of gender based violence by giving them “a voice and a choice”. A rebel at heart, Robyn hopes that this magazine will provide a platform for the ultimate rebellion: being true to oneself against all odds and disrupting society’s status quo – whatever that may mean to each person individually. A firm believer in unrestrained freedom, in hard and honest work, in valuing people over profit and in scheduling playdates, Robyn embraces the view that creativity is parallel to oxygen and that all of us have a light within desiring to break free, no matter our age. On that note, she would love to meet you, so say please hello or schedule a date with her over tea or tequila- we guarantee she will be in your neck of the woods at some point in the not too distant future, regardless of what corner of this globe you call home!

Unsubscribe Magazine is looking for new team members!
Our plan is to take Unsubscribe Magazine into orbit. Join us on the ground floor as we build a network of professionals and big dreamers.
We are currently seeking interns with journalism and media background. If you are interested in a role with us, please send a message to Ben Wilson, at sales@unsubscribemagazine.com.