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Editor's Letter

Hello Unsubscribers!

This is it. My first editorial note as Editor in Chief of Unsubscribe Magazine. As these words leave my fingertips I cherish the idea that my vision now dutifully becomes ours.

I am currently sitting at 36,000 feet being propelled towards a life I never knew that I could attain. A few years ago, I left everything behind - including an extensive shoe collection - for a new chapter and unimaginable adventures in a land far far away - Asia. My journey has been one of risk, failure, countless rewards and life-altering personal growth.

It all started a while ago … I was sitting in a restaurant with friends in Los Angeles, chatting about life, love and my nickname: “Madame N.A.D.M.” [Never a Dull Moment]. We talked about my blog, my love of writing and my love for connecting people. My passion for story telling combined with the deactivation of my Facebook account had spurred me to start a blog as a way to share my insatiable wanderlust with my closest friends and family. However, as my raw writing dabbled in life’s nitty gritty and questions of the soul, it grew beyond my expectation and touched people I had never met.

I realized that so many people were feeling the same frustrations I was, yearning for a life more purpose-filled, connected, and adventurous. More than anything, they were grasping for the freedom to truly, utterly be themselves in reaching for their potential. For a deliberate life that broke away from the status quo, that didn’t comply to convention and that fit the dream they had for themselves rather than the dream society or others had imposed on them.

The wonderful thing was that I started to meet these amazing people who had unsubscribed to various things and were thriving in an environment that seemingly discouraged standing out. Their stories fuelled me, rivalling any of the ones I was hearing on mainstream media and challenging the idea that the world is this scary, ugly place. Rather, it’s AMAZING, filled with BRILLIANT people, freeing themselves to choose positive, purpose filled lives. Their stories deserved to be told and there was a voice inside me chanting to create something uniting like-minded people desiring to be better today than they were yesterday. This gave birth to UNSUBSCRIBE. A platform to inspire embracing “different” and to give voice to the ordinary people leading extraordinary lives.

Going against the grain isn’t easy, and often it’s filled with fear and loneliness (as well as many freak out moments of “OMG this is why nobody else is veering off-road!!”). Choosing to do things differently can leave us feeling like we don’t belong, that we are misunderstood or that we are straight up crazy. The thing is, the world needs different. The world needs “crazy”. The world needs YOU to be the truest, most authentic, happiest version of yourself.

Unsubscribe Magazine is a place for you to belong. A wolf pack of renegades that champion you as you veer off-course and embrace a custom-fit life, because society’s “one size fits all” simply doesn’t work in a world filled with exceptional individuals. This is YOUR magazine - by YOU, for YOU and a catalyst to ignite the fire within so that you can lead the life you’ve been dreaming of.

As a borderless magazine, our content will cover entrepreneurs daring to do things differently, trailblazing industries and breaking the mould. We will cover social visionaries who are making a difference in this world for our beautiful planet and its people. We will delve into life’s difficult questions and tackle the challenges that often hold us back from being our best selves. We will explore the corners of this world and meet incredible people doing incredible things in incredible places. We will open our mind to revolutionary ideas, disrupting opinions and perspectives so that we can be in a constant state of learning. We will introduce you to people who will prove that though the road less travelled isn’t always easy, it’s always worth it.

We are rebels with a cause, wild at heart, desiring a revolution of consciousness. Rather than thinking outside the box, we challenge you to think like there is no box, to rise by lifting others, and to hone in on the dream stirring in the depths of your being. This is where you can come to be inspired, to recharge your spirit and to get a kick in the butt when you hit a wall in your own business or personal life. We will be uncensored and unapologetic, encouraging you to be the same. It’s not about staying cozy in the bubble; rather, it’s about pushing boundaries, having real conversations, and asking ourselves what it is that we need to unsubscribe from to lead a more meaningful life. Is it a break-neck mortgage, a debilitating fear or insecurity, an unhealthy addiction, a belief system that no longer serves you, a lack of self worth, handcuffing norms, labels, the rat race? As you answer this question, our promise to you is that we will help you unsubscribe to whatever it is that is holding you back, inspiring confidence and creativity.

As an “Unsubscriber", you are part of our rogue nation. You are advocating for freedom, for progress, for authenticity. You are willing to break the rules and disrupt status quo to achieve this. You may be a square peg in a round hole, but you’re surrounded by millions of other risk takers and we will connect you with them so you know you’re never alone.

You are the next REVOLUTION and we are honoured to be part of YOUR journey.

Get ready to outdream yourself,

Love Robyn

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